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How to Choose a Wig Suitable for You?

How to Choose a Wig Suitable for You?

  • Friday, 12 July 2019
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A wig that suits you -  How to Choose a Wig Suitable for You?

We will generally consider the wig material, quality, color, technology and the matching degree of our own face.

A wig that suits you - Choose a wig with the same color as your hair.

How to choose a wig? Learn these points, so that you can choose your own wig with ease.

Size selection:

Wigs are also divided into three sizes: small, medium and large. In general, the default middle code. There are adjustable buttons behind the wig, which can adjust its size by itself.

Hair provocativeness:

Chemical fiber hair: easy to knot, irritable, easy to knot after washing, basically belongs to one-time.

100% real hair: long life, washable, blow, cut, dye and perm. If you wear it for a long time, it is recommended to choose the real hair.

Whole hand weaving process:

The scalp is simulated, light, lifelike, breathable and comfortable. Hair loss, white hair, need to wear for a long time, the best hand weaving process for athletes! Suitable for wearing throughout the year.

The process of local needle delivery:

It's cost-effective. The scalp on the top of the head is a large area of needle delivery. It's super lifelike. With the most popular eight-character air bangs, it's cute and super-excellent.


Pay attention to whether the wig is too stuffy when worn, how about air permeability and heat dissipation? Can you accept it?


When used, from the appearance, whether it is natural to adhere to its own hair, whether it can be connected with each other.

Are the lengths and colors the same?


Do you feel uncomfortable when you wear it? Allergies or itching of the scalp, tightness and fixation are acceptable.

On the Choice of Hair Color

Choosing a suitable wig, hair color and skin color matching can not be ignored.

Users with fair complexion can choose light brown or brown-yellow.

Users with dark skin choose black or brown.

Yellow skin users choose chestnut and dark brown.

Nursing and after-sales

True hair wigs are easy to absorb moisture under natural conditions, air humidity and packaging extrusion will cause hair silk to bend, spray some water-cooled air to dry after straight hair deformation; or straighten hair with straightener clip, take care of hair style and spray some hair gel. After curling and shampooing, natural drying and spraying some moisturizing styling will last longer. Or let the barber take care of you.

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