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Caring For Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

Caring For Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

  • Monday, 04 October 2021
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Caring For Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions, also called human hair weaves, hair wefts, or artificial hair additions, add fullness and length to thinning or short hair. They can be used to add volume and dimension to the hair shaft, or to give a more unique style. With a combination of the right extension techniques and hair care, you can achieve the look you want for your hair without the expense of visiting a stylist or hiring a professional.

Bonded hair extensions are pre-bonded extensions that are sewn to the scalp using glue or adhesives. Bonded hair extensions are typically glued, clipped, or glued on human hair using synthetic or human hair glue. They provide a more permanent hair extension solution, especially when bonded to the scalp with multiple layers of glue or adhesives. However, they can be removed, dyed, or parted if desired.

Clip-in hair extensions are pieces of hair that are glued or clip-in to the scalp with the use of special adhesive. These hair extensions are generally machine-sealed to ensure quality and durability, and some brands of clip-ins are designed specifically to blend in with the natural hair of the wearer. However, some women prefer the natural appearance of clip-ins, so they can take care of their hair and style it however they please. If you are planning to buy clip-ins, it is important to know how to take care of your hair accessories.

The first thing you need to know when learning how to take care of clip-in hair extensions is that they cannot be machine-washed, and therefore you should not dry them using a hair dryer. As long as you never leave them in the dryer for more than two minutes at a time, you will have no problem with taking care of them. If you want to wash them, you should not use anything that is shampoo-based. Hair spray is the only exception. Micro-link and tape extensions do not use any shampoo, so you can safely wash them by hand.

The next step you should learn how to take care of clip-in hair extensions is by taking care of the clips. They can come equipped with different types of clips, such as barrel-shaped, tubular, magnetic, semi-permanent, adhered or non-permanently attached. A few of the most common clips are barrel-shaped, tubular, magnetic, and semi-permanent. You can choose the type of clip that works best for your hair extensions; remember, however, that the longer the clip, the higher the chances of the extension becoming damaged. Since micro-link and tape extensions are attached with sewing-in tabs, you should carefully follow the instructions on how to properly attach them to your hair.

In order to ensure proper care of your clip-ins, it is advisable that you give them at least a month before you wash them. During this time, they can accumulate lots of dirt and excess moisture. Clean your clip-ins with a mild shampoo twice a week and apply conditioner as often as necessary. After a month of washing your clip-ins and conditioning them, you can wash them using your normal shampoo. Before storing your clip-ins, make sure that you fully rinse them off; doing this will help prevent them from developing tangles and clumps.

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