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Methods Used To Attach Hair Extensions

Methods Used To Attach Hair Extensions

  • Monday, 26 July 2021
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Methods Used To Attach Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions, also called human hair weave or hair extensions, add fullness and length to ordinary human hair. It may be permanent or temporary; light or heavy; curly or straight; and dull or shiny. Human hair extensions can be sewn in, glued into place, clipped, glued or clipped into natural hair; or they can be glued directly onto your scalp. They are available in several lengths, thicknesses, textures, and hair types. This article focuses on the types of human hair used for extensions: virgin, semi-permanent, bonded, and Remy (adhesive bonded).

Virgin hair extensions are attached directly to your scalp using no sewing or gluing. These extensions feel soft and are almost weightless. They do not shed or leave minute holes behind and they look very natural. Virgin hair extensions may also be colored or chemically treated in any number of methods.

Semi-permanent hair extensions are attached at the roots using clips, gels, and tucks. They may be styled in any number of ways and they last for up to six months before they need to be removed. This is a popular method because they can be styled just as frequently as you like. There is no chemical treatment required and semi-permanent hair extensions can be colored in any number of ways.

Bonded hair extensions are attached to your natural hair at the scalp using clasps, laces, or small elastic bands. You must have excellent vision, if you want to install this type of hair extension because it is attached directly to your scalp with no gluing or adhesives. This type of extension is often used in hair wefts that originate from a salon. The wefts are then sewn into the scalp using a seam that is taped.

The last method on this list involves attaching hair extensions to fine hair with clips. The hair extensions are attached to your natural hair at the roots with clips, pins, or small elastic bands. To attach the clip in hair extensions, it is first necessary to cut strips of skin that are one to two inches in length so that the clip will be securely held to the hair extension. Once you have gathered all of the appropriate strips, the next step is to separate the strip from the scalp by using sterile equipment so that the hair extension is not irritated or damaged in any way.

The last type of method on this list involves using micro-ring methods. This is the most difficult method of attaching the hair extensions to natural human hair. This method involves using an inexpensive micro ring that is capable of causing some damage to the natural hair strands. The micro ring is placed at the base of the natural hair strand, and the ring's tension is adjusted using clasps or Velcro. The Micro-ring method is the most expensive method of all three methods, however it is the most successful method available.

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