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Clip In Bangs

Clip In Bangs

  • Sunday, 09 January 2022
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Clip In Bangs

Clip in bangs and umming and ahing all about loose bangs you say? Well, as woman, same. They can appear so gorgeous at first, but the very truth that they only take a mere year and a half to form, has inner worry some of us have. That is why today, we explored an old clipper and discovered a simpler way to create some much less permanent and scary clip in bangs.

Our beautiful thinning hair had progressed to the point where it wasn't far away from completely bald. However, even with our layers we were finding that the ends often fell out. Now, no one said we couldn't grow them back. In fact, we did, but it wasn't near as full and thick as we once were. So, what was going on, why was our hair thinning and what could we do about it?

Well, one thing we knew for certain was that our hair loss wasn't due to heredity, genetics or an illness. Yes, the old set of bangs had been pulling my hair out for quite some time now and it was finally catching up with me. The hair on the side and back of my head was rapidly falling out, but I had always had natural hair on top and quite thin on the sides. The heredity part is quite obvious, but I did have quite a few close relatives who also had thinning hair at the same age or slightly past it. I wasn't exactly sure how to explain the fact.

We consulted with several local dermatologists, one of whom had actually studied my problem personally. She suggested that I cut back on my use of styling products and really treat my hair gently with the utmost care. She suggested that maybe a clip-in style would be most appropriate since it "supports" the natural growth process.

We also tried a few cheap clip-in styles from the local drugstore and they worked well, actually. I still had a fair amount of hair left at the end, but just made it look thicker and fuller. A few weeks later, my clip-in bangs looked just like all of my other hair.

Step Three: Clip in Bangs! This was actually the easiest step in the whole process. We picked out the perfect clip-in style from my favorite department store and my stylist attached it to my hair with ease. She even put it on me while I was sitting up! And just like that, my long tresses were done! Now all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the confidence that my new hairstyle brought about!

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