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The Difference Between Remy and Non-Remy Hair

The Difference Between Remy and Non-Remy Hair

  • Wednesday, 04 January 2023
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The Difference Between Remy and Non-Remy Hair

There are two main types of hair extensions, Remy and Non-Remy.blonde remy hair Both are made from human hair, but they have different characteristics. The main difference between the two is the cuticle. This is the part of the hair that allows it to be naturally untangled. If the cuticle is removed, the hair becomes dull and dry, and tangles easily. But if the cuticle is left intact, the hair is silky and smooth.

Most hair extension manufacturers use a mix of Remy and Non-Remy.blonde remy hair The quality of the Remy is much higher than the Non-Remy. However, the Non-Remy is usually less expensive. In addition, it is a better quality, and lasts longer. So, it is the best choice when it comes to buying hair extensions.

Remy and Non-Remy are both made of 100% human hair, but they are in different stages.blonde remy hair Remy hair is collected in one direction, while Non-Remy is collected in a variety of directions. As a result, there are sometimes misaligned cuticles. That means, when the cuticles are inverted, the hair can run in several different directions, which can cause the cuticles to become tangled.

Another important thing to know is that if the hair is non-Remy, then the cuticle is likely to be removed.blonde remy hair Having the cuticle removed prevents the hair from getting accidentally mixed with another type of hair during production.

Although the price of Remy hair is high, you get better quality for your money. The hair will look healthier and will integrate with your natural hair much better. Furthermore, it won't tangle as often as regular long hair. With proper care, your new hair will look and feel great.

Unlike synthetic, it can be styled and colored. This makes it a good option for those who want to experiment with different colors. It is also easy to maintain and can last for months. Lastly, it is easier to wash. Compared to synthetic, it is more expensive, but if you use it properly, you can expect your hair to last for years.

Whether you choose to go with Remy or Non-Remy, it is important to choose the right color for your natural hair. For example, if you have dark hair, it is best to buy a blonde. Those who have a lighter skin tone will be able to choose from a wide array of blonde shades. You can even dye the hair yourself at home if you choose.

It's also a good idea to choose the correct size for your hair. Depending on the length of your hair, you might want to consider a hair extension. Clip-in extensions are especially convenient. They are easy to attach and come with a travel bag.

You can also find a variety of different colors of hair extensions. If you want a long-lasting look, you can check out the Euro Collection Luxury Cuticle Tape-in Hair Extensions. These are suitable for thicker or normal hair, and will give you instant volume.

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