Reisika Clip in Bangs Hair Wefts Hair Extension Human Hair Topper for Women


  • I have been use extensions for 7 years now and I might say this hair is wonderful...... great quality...... I would definitely recommend it ... even their customer service is awesome they answer you very fast and I am very satisfied with them ... definitely order again
  • I loved These they were soft! Easy to install gets silky straight. I dont Know if these hold a curl well I’ll see soon. Blends perfectly with my relaxed hair. Pictures were screenshots from a video
  • It came bended, but you can use your straightener to fix it (I used medium heat). It's fun to try new hairstyles. Quality is not bad. I included couple pictures. I did trim it of course as my forehead is pretty short and it felt to the tip of my nose. Please consider I'm about to be 45 and my hair is very much graying on sides and they are also curly and frizzy (also have red undertone from previous color) so in order for me to wear it without anybody noticing it's fake I need to fix it's flaws. I'm happy with it. But if you have long forehead it might work just fine. Perhaps hairspray or puling some of my own hair from sides might fix the problem. Also when you look at the first pic one of the longer side isn't all the way to the side as it should. There is one shorter piece in it's place. Yet for the price it's good enough to play with it a little. Definitely would recommend.
  • Super soft hair. Looks SO real! There is a slight gold highlight to the dark briwn i got that gives it a really nice dimention. Blends well!
  • I was really surprised at the quality of these tape in extensions, especially for the price. They blended in so easy, are very soft and easy to style. I can’t wait to order more for a full, thick look !
  • I have done it!!!! I have found an affordable company that has AMAZING product!! I LOVE this hair I found this company about two years ago after trying many many top end hair companies. Hair is expensive there is no getting around it. We are in the middle of a pandemic everything is so expensive we shouldn’t have to give up splurging on ourselves. Hair extensions do many things for different people. In my experience hair extensions give me a boost of confidence I go in to work every day feeling absolutely powerful. Not to mention I feel beautiful. Not everyone can spend thousands of dollars on hair. This company has made it possible for anyone to be able to have the hair they want. When you go onto a company’s site you see models you see the reviews but you’re not sure if these are real people and honest reviews. I want to give you that honest review from a real person. I have thin short fine wavy hair. My hair does not make me feel good I don’t feel powerful I honestly want to hide it is one of my biggest insecurities. When I bought this hair I was worried because it’s not expensive so if it’s not expensive there’s no way it could be good. I WAS TERRIBLY WRONG!!!! This hair is amazing it feels amazing it looks amazing and if you take care of it with the correct products it lasts. And it doesn’t hurt my wallet. Goo Goo has made my dreams of having long thick hair come true. I love that after I wash my hair the extensions actually dry a little wavy and blend perfectly in with my natural hair. If you weren’t close to me you would have no clue that my hair is shoulder length. I have worn this hair in all types of weather I have even been hospitalized with this hair in and it has held up. If you are looking for a good reliable brand of hair and you’re on Amazon and you see these reviews of these girls just putting the extensions in and saying oh I love them so much you’re not getting the review you need I have pictures from all different stages of when I’ve had these extensions in from just putting them in to going to bed to washing them and having them wavy the ends are still amazing the hair is still soft the tapes are still in they have not slipped they have not fallen out they are strong. When getting extensions it is always smart to do your research what products to use how to sleep in them how to shower with them and how to wash them how to style them all of these are very important. Asking questions is very important and if anyone wants to personally ask questions or wants to know what products I do use I would love to help you you can reach out to me on my Instagram @sami.gott. But if you’re going through Amazon looking at the reviews of all of these extensions on here stop because you just found the best ones.
  • I’ve been using Reisika hair extensions for over a year now. I started off with clip ins and now I use tape in extensions. At first I was a little skeptical ordering online but after my first order I was hooked. The hair quality is absolutely amazing. The tape ins are much thicker than tapes I’ve brought from other companies. I love the new packaging and the fact that I always receive a bomb ass pair of lashes with every order. I will be posting a photo once installed.
  • I was trying to decide if I should get the hair bangs to cover my receding hairline (thanks to postpartum hair loss). I bought these, and I was able to decide what length and style would look good on me before I took the plunge. I ended up getting actual bangs hair clip, and it was the best decision.
  • It’s in a cute box, it is the same color as my hair and it came in perfect condition
  • hese seamless clip in extensions are SUCH good quality! I am so pleased with the thickness and volume they give my hair. I used 2 sets of 22 inch extensions and couldn’t rave about them more. The quality of the clips is great as well and feels like they’ll last a really long time. Highly recommend!!
  • New info since initial review- the seller refunded me on one and sent me a polite message, I appreciate it. They recommended a thicker product they make and I will check it out. I will reiterate though, that I had bought 2 and the first was much thinner than as advertised -but the second one -did- look as advertised. Thanks again seller. Update again - I was so impressed with the quality of the hair and the swift action of the seller that I bought a pair of their thicker bangs they recommended in a different color to see if I enjoy that product too because they issued a refund swiftly I used it towards the new purchase of their thicker bangs.
  • I have worn full wigs for almost 10 years due to sever thinning on my front hairline. There was no way to hide it. I loved my wigs while I was working 5 days a week and for social occasions but at home I was "just me". Then I saw these clip on bangs. After paying hundreds of dollars for human hair wigs the price for clip on bangs was so modest I thought l would give it a try. The color "medium brown" is a perfect color match for my natural color. I ordered "Air Bangs" which are very light and wispy. This allowed me to continue to part my hair on the side and still sweep the bangs to the opposite side after trimming the side tendrils. The coverage is just what I needed to camouflage my sparsely populated hairline. I have ordered an additional pair but in the "Fringe Bangs" to see if I get an even better look!