Reisika Clip in Bangs Hair Wefts Hair Extension Human Hair Topper for Women


  • These extensions were so natural, I had trouble distinguishing them from my hair when I was removing them. They're soft and they style so easily. The brown color I bought had some reddish and blondish hues, but they just looked like highlights, especially when they were all curled together. It was so easy to apply and easy to remove with hand sanitizer. For me, one pack was more than enough to cover my head, especially with my thin hair. The end result was thick, beautiful curls. I'm so glad I bought these rather than the ones at the salon. My hairdresser was so impressed with them, she said she would recommend them to everyone, and I saved $400! They're probably also easy to reuse if you buy the tape and reapply after washing the extensions. I haven't tried that yet.
  • These are the best extensions you will get for anywhere near this price! They feel real, they take heat well, and they look amazing! These photos are after several weeks/washes and they are still super secure and look perfect.
  • I have the traditional Asian black hair so if you’re finding the one matches your black hair, this is what you would like. I don’t really it’s thickness since to me, it’s kinda thin. Whenever the wind blows, the bang will look like a barcode, seriously. Note: please trim it down after you get it. I trimmed ~1 - 1.5in so it looks so natural (the original length would touch my nose). Washing it with shampoo and conditioner also help the bang look healthier but ofc always double check the texture cuz you definitely don’t want the bang to look outstanding. Be safe - Be pretty.
  • omg let me just say I'm extremely satisfied with this purchase the quality is amazing and the tape on these extensions really hold.
  • I bought these to see if I could pull off bangs hair clip in real life (the online hair-styler apps just dont cut it). They worked SO well for this purpose!! They sat pretty nicely and blended in perfectly with my natural hair. They don't feel like straw or doll hair which was nice. The only reason I am returning is because the clip didn't stay in place in my hair very is like a small comb that you push back into your part. Otherwise, I might keep them so that I didn't have to commit to chopping my hair.
  • I had pretty low expectations, and was mostly just experimenting, but I LOVE these and they might become part of my daily look. Everyone who's seen them thinks they're real. I have very fine hair, not a lot of it, and a cowlick so bad I can't do a middle part and it's even poking out of this hairpiece. So I've never been able to make real bangs work, even though I love them. These are perfect, and I was shocked how well they match my real hair (Garnier Licorice Black 10, lol). They blend super well, they're just wispy enough, they style/straighten well... Basically I'm in love. They even look pretty good from the top! Great great value.
  • The color is perfect (bleach blonde) I have naturally blonde hair and this is brighter which is what I wanted. It blends with my natural hair beautifully. I chose this one because of the ability to wash and curl it unlike others on the market.
  • Je fais calvici en avant et sa M aide beaucoup
  • Beautiful hair, so soft and silky. I am amazed at how easy it is to put in too.
  • First off, I am a hair stylist and have been doing extensions for a couple years now and have also had them myself! I have worked with a lot of different hair from pretty expensive to Sally’s brand. I got this extensions for myself and I can’t believe how amazing this hair is!! I colored half of them (1 pack out of the 2 I bought) to match my natural hair better. Installation was a bit difficult to do for yourself so I would recommend someone who knows what they are doing to do it for you. After having them in for almost two weeks now and using professional products, the hair is still so soft and doesn’t tangle much!! Tape is holding very well and I have had no issues! I wash my hair about every third day. If I let them air dry, they do get a bit of a wave to them! I will definitely be buying this hair again!!
  • Amazing!! Added a little blue shampoo for a perfect match. A part roots!! Must get another one! Beautiful hair!!
  • I usually do not write reviews but I am super impressed with this product. I have spent a fortune on tape in extensions in the past, from Sally's brand to the more high end brands. I was a little skeptical of these because of the price to be honest but the quality is BETTER than any other brand I have used....and not to mention these are 1/3 the price. The adhesive is no joke and the hair is amazing quality. I ordered three packs because I have a shoulder length blunt haircut and very very coarse hair.