Reisika Clip in Bangs Hair Wefts Hair Extension Human Hair Topper for Women


  • I ordered this 3D clip in bangs and attempted to match my hair color with the selections online. The color that I selected was just a bit too dark and I contacted the company to see about how I could do an exchange. The response time was fast! A representative responded within a day and was happy to send me the other clip in bangs color that I was wanting. The delivery of the new color was quick also. The bangs hair clip was well packaged in a hair net and a rounded curler that helps the hair piece hold it's shape. It wasn't tangled or messed up like other pieces I've bought from other companies. It's well made and looks great. I'd buy from reisika again in a heartbeat! Thank you reisika for providing a great product and amazing customer service!
  • I have to admit I was a little hesitant but its is so cute! Would buy another.
  • The clip in bangs I received was well packaged. Wearing it was also easy and the length of the hair bangs were long enough for me, for I have a large forehead. I have bought other hair bangs from a different company and the length was a bit small and not as nice as these. The only downside of these is that it will get frizzy and your style may come undone over time of your day, depending how long you’re wearing it. Overall it is a good start and especially if your unsure about “real” clip in bangs. And as of now I have real human hair bangs and hopefully this could help you decide if you want real bangs hair cilps or using this for a fun experiment, or a new change of style for the day. I will say this it doesn’t beat the real bangs since it is your own hair and the color will always match. Have a good day and good luck!
  • Super easy to use and take in and out. If you have thicker hair bangs these are perfect for you but for thinner hair not so much.
  • The quality of the hair bangs is great, the clip is a little far back which makes it difficult to clip in bangs and hide. The color is difficult to match with your hair... more color options would be helpful.
  • It looks so natural and matches my hair colour. I purchased this to cover hair loss patches during postpartum. It does the job beautifully. At home I just clip it into my hair. When I go outside I make a small side braid and cover the top clip with it and it is really natural and beautiful. I wash it with shampoo and conditioner every 3-4 days and even though the description indicates not to blow dry, I blow dry and use a flat iron. Despite that after almost 1 months it looks the same and hasn’t lost its shape.
  • hair bangs Style is very natural & pretty
  • for thinning hair. I have thinning hair at the crown, on the top of my head. I have natural, soft curls and I can style my hair naturally, but add this little clip of bangs hair about an inch back from the crown and effectively hide that little spot of scalp that shows in that area. you cannot tell it is not part of my hair, which I love. Negative side to it? There is no guidance on how to apply it. I tried using common sense and it went well until I tried to take it off. It caught in my own hair and I lost a few hairs more in trying to get it out! I need to work with it a little more to comment further on that but the quality of it is great and I managed to match my own color pretty closely with this piece in a medium brown.
  • The quality of the hair bangs are really smooth and easy to glide on, so simple and color matches really well. Unfortunately, I don't look good in bangs because of my short forehead however I'm sure it will look nice on someone else.
  • i had clip in bangs for years, i had them so often i would cut them myself the hair bangs. but with that, having hair bangs is such a process and as annoying it is, you gotta learn how to maintain hair bangs. these give me the look of bangs human hair without dealing w all the tedious maintenance! the natural black matches my dark asian hair perfectly. i'd just recommend giving it a wash shampoo and conditioner to help it match ur hair better. overall, highly recommend!