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Clip in Hair Extensions

  • First off, I was very skeptical about tape in extensions because I’ve never had extensions before and thought taping my hair would damage it. Not at all! It’s veryyyy secure so I would suggest having a buddy help you with the back pieces so you don’t have to readjust. I did three layers with this package and probably should have started a little further down to hide some of the extension pieces but no one could tell, they just kept saying… is your hair longer?! How did you do that?! 😂Big thing for blondes, I ended up washing the hair in purple shampoo first to try and match my hair color better! And then obviously let it dry all the way before trying to stick it on!Mine lasted for 3-4 weeks and the hair was real and very luxurious, I plan on doing this again come summer time for mermaid hair! If you don’t want to spend the money before trying out other extensions, this is the best bet!! Do it!
  • hese seamless clip in extensions are SUCH good quality! I am so pleased with the thickness and volume they give my hair. I used 2 sets of 22 inch extensions and couldn’t rave about them more. The quality of the clips is great as well and feels like they’ll last a really long time. Highly recommend!!
  • I am so relieved I picked the right color! This is my very first time trying extensions so not positive I put them in the right places but there are lots of pieces of different sizes and they are surprisingly soft- def glad i splurged on the real hair.I suffer from super duper thin hair and also had really bad postpartum hair loss this last year after I stopped breastfeeding.I used to be a commercial actress and on a few occasions they put clip in extensions and they made my hair long much thicker. Ever since them I’ve been looking. My best friend is getting married this year and wants our hair down and long so I knew I needed to find some good extensions so I can curl them. I think I am going to have my hair stylist cut them and bring them so she can add in a few auburn color low lights to match it even better.Like I said I put these in real quick (usually you want to tease the lines you place the clips in and they will be more sturdy.The box also surprisingly came with a gift of false eyelashes, a large hair clip and a comb with a hair separate (i always wanted one of these!) I am so happy with these- good price for the high quality
  • I’m a cosmetologist so I’m very familiar with hair and hair extensions. These extensions are better quality than the high end ones I’ve bought in the past! For the blonde extensions the dark is a about a level 6 and the lighter is a level 10. I say this because I’m the picture the darker color looks like a level 4 blonde. Yes the extensions tangle a bit but it’s hair, come on ladies. They untangle very easily, the hair is of great quality and very soft. I highly recommend these! They’re a steal for the price! Shipping was extremely fast! Ordered on Friday arrived Monday.
  • Just received my extensions today, and they are beautiful!! I’ve bought extensions several times from Sally’s, and order online places too, and these are much better quality than any others I have bought. The hair is very soft, in great condition, and the ends are not stringy at all. I bought the 24inch in 1b, they blended beautifully with my hair. My hair is a tad darker, but having the lighter tone on bottom looks very nice. My natural hair measures just over 21 inches and is rather fine, so one pack of 24’s look great, blend nicely and didn’t need a trim at all. I might order a second pack in the future to play with a little more bulk. If you have medium or thick hair you will definitely need 2-3 packs depending I just ordered my second set and I love them so much!! Also all the extras are so nice!! I didn’t realize they would send a comb, big clip, extra clips, and a pair of lashes!! Super impressed!!
  • I truly am impressed with the overall quality, design, texture, and softness of these hair extensions. My hair is naturally thick and has always been long until recently when I cut off at least 10 inches. I immediately regretted cutting my hair and missed how long it was. I found these extensions and I'm blown away by the coloring. They match my hair tones exactly. I did not have to take them to my salon to color match them which was great. The clips at the top of the extensions are easy to use and secure well to your natural hair. The top of the hair (weft) is weaved well and mended together perfectly. The attached extensions do not stick out from your scalp and they blend well with your own hair. These extensions are made with 100% Brazilian virgin human hair that is extremely soft and smooth when you touch it. I have had no tangling and the extensions do not shed. I will definitely be buying more packs of different lengths. I highly recommend these extensions to anyone looking for fuller, thicker, or longer hair that are cost effective and won't break your bank. These extensions are well built and will not disappoint.