Reisika Clip in Bangs Hair Wefts Hair Extension Human Hair Topper for Women

Clip in Bangs

  • The hair bangs just arrived today (very quickly!) and neatly packaged. I rinsed them 20 seconds with cold water in the bathroom sink, took out my blow dryer and dried them. What a difference it made to the overall look. I chose dark brown and the color matched my hair pretty well!. The clip works extremely well and I cannot even tell that I am wearing the bangs hair. I would recommend these if you are looking for a change to your hair without having to cut your hair for permanent bangs.
  • They match my hair perfectly and look so real! I also got the messy bun scrunchy as well.
  • I'm sure it is real human hair, it is exactly the same as my own hair. (It's hard to feel the difference :) ) Very natural and no one found out they were fake. (I tricked my friends lol) Highly recommend!!
  • This fake bangs are really nice, they looked super natural and as you can see in my picture they matched almost perfectly to my hair color. I wore them all day and they were pretty comfortable I could barely feel them on my head. I bought them because I wanted to see how I would look with bangs but I don’t think I’m gonna get them cut I’m just gonna wear this when ever I like to get that look 😉
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  • These exceeded my expectations. They look fantastic and you can't even tell they are clip on! Con: the dark brown is more of a chestnut brown. Little to red for me as I am a true dark brown. Doesn't feel like human hair, more like horse hair. Still, they do the trick. I will most likely buy the blonde ones and dye them a bright colour.
  • These bangs are perfect for if you want to wear bangs for a day without having to cut them. I’m wearing them with a front part wig in the same colour to give it a natural look. They are pretty long width wise though and pretty thick, so you’ll have to trim them to make them more natural.
  • I bought these to see if I could pull off bangs hair clip in real life (the online hair-styler apps just dont cut it). They worked SO well for this purpose!! They sat pretty nicely and blended in perfectly with my natural hair. They don't feel like straw or doll hair which was nice. The only reason I am returning is because the clip didn't stay in place in my hair very is like a small comb that you push back into your part. Otherwise, I might keep them so that I didn't have to commit to chopping my hair.
  • I had pretty low expectations, and was mostly just experimenting, but I LOVE these and they might become part of my daily look. Everyone who's seen them thinks they're real. I have very fine hair, not a lot of it, and a cowlick so bad I can't do a middle part and it's even poking out of this hairpiece. So I've never been able to make real bangs work, even though I love them. These are perfect, and I was shocked how well they match my real hair (Garnier Licorice Black 10, lol). They blend super well, they're just wispy enough, they style/straighten well... Basically I'm in love. They even look pretty good from the top! Great great value.
  • The color is perfect (bleach blonde) I have naturally blonde hair and this is brighter which is what I wanted. It blends with my natural hair beautifully. I chose this one because of the ability to wash and curl it unlike others on the market.
  • Je fais calvici en avant et sa M aide beaucoup