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Best Types of Natural Human Hair Extensions

Best Types of Natural Human Hair Extensions

  • Monday, 01 May 2023
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Best Types of Natural Human Hair Extensions

Natural human hair extensions are a great way to add volume, length and color to your tresses without damaging them. They’re also a fun way to change up your look for special occasions.

The best types of extensions are ones that blend well with your natural hair and are easy to maintain. They are tangle-free, last longer, and are easier to wash than synthetic alternatives.

They’re affordable and easy to use

If you’re looking for an economical way to boost your tresses, then natural human hair extensions may be right for you. The key is to find a supplier that offers a wide range of products at an affordable price.

They’re long lasting

Compared to their artificial counterparts, natural human hair extensions are known to last for up to a year. This is because they’re made of real human hair (known as Remy hair), which means that the cuticles of the hair stay intact and don’t get stripped.

They’re tangle-free

As with any type of human hair, natural human hair extensions are easy to comb and style. You can curl them, straighten them, and even dye them to match your natural hair color.

They’re reusable

If you want to have a new look on a regular basis, then natural human hair extensions are the perfect option. You can clip them in and wear them for a day, and then remove them at night, ready to wash and reuse the next morning.

They’re a good choice for anyone with sensitive scalps

If your hair is naturally fine or fragile, you might want to avoid synthetic hair extensions as they can damage your follicles. Instead, opt for high-quality Remy human hair that’s tangle-free and won’t break your skin.

They’re also a good choice for anyone who has an active lifestyle and wants a quick, easy way to switch up their looks. They’re easy to apply and can be removed in minutes, so you can try out a new look in no time.

Alternatively, you can buy tape-ins from brands such as INH, which offers both clip-in and wefts. They’re a little bit more expensive than traditional clip-ins, but they’re reusable and less damaging.

You can find them in many different shades and lengths, including a variety of blondes and brunettes. They’re also easy to style and won’t make your hair look too heavy or greasy.

The best quality of hair for extensions is Remy.

Remy is the highest grade of human hair and is considered the most luxurious. This is because it’s collected in a way that keeps the cuticles of each hair strand aligned in one direction.

It’s also been inspected to make sure that no synthetic hair was used in its creation.

You should check with your hairstylist to ensure that the extensions you purchase are of the highest quality. They’ll be able to recommend the best type for you and advise you on how to care for your extensions.

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