Reisika Clip in Bangs Hair Wefts Hair Topper for Women


3D Clip in Bangs Human Hair - Invisible Natural Air Bangs Hair Extensions

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  • Dark Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Natural Black
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Product: 3D Clip in Bangs Human Hair - Invisible Natural Air Bangs Hair Extensions

3D Hair Bangs Color: Natural Color | Natural Black | Dark Brown | Light Brown

Material: Real Human Hair Hand Made 3D Mini Air Bangs, New Style Bangs Hair Extensions for Women Washable, Can Trim Bangs, Can restyle hair texture, the grey topper was designed to help cover thinning hair Small scalp with high quality hair transplant process,don't be afraid to wear the help when others look close.

clip in bangs human hair

3D Hair bangs VS Hair bangs

  1. 1.3D Hair bangs cover more hair than the hair bangs
  2. 2.3D Air Fringe hair crown topper to add hair volume instantly. helpful to alopecia, thinning hair on top, female pattern baldness
  3. 3.Natural droop of the slender Temples, slightly curly make your face look smaller and sweet.
  4. 4.3D see-through bangs, don't stick the scalp, looks more fully and cute.

bangs hair clips in extensions

3D hair bangs extensions

hairpieces human hair

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I saw these from someone on TikTok and ran to buy them. I bought the blonde hair bangs and then dyed them to my hair color and tried them. With a little finessing and styling I got them clipped in to look realistic and fell in love! Next day booked my appointment and cut my bangs hair and love having the real ones even more.
I liked this clip in bangs hair. When I wear it you can’t see that I have a big forehead and it goes well with my natural hair color.
I bought this hairpiece for my mom. She is thinning out on top and felt very subconscious about it. So when this bang product came in the mail we were super excited to try it out and how well the color matched. It worked out perfectly! It blends really well and is thick enough to give her that full affect in front of her face like she wanted.
I was really surprised at the quality of this clip in bangs. My grand daughter loves it. She put it in her hair without any issues and it looked totally natural and very cute on her. Prior to receiving, I was concerned that it would look fake or be cheaply made, or perhaps not fit her leonine face well, being the cost was so low. That was part of the surprise--there was no obvious difference between the clip hair and her natural hair and the fit was as if custom made for her. Even the color matched up perfectly. She was able to style the hair and wear it in several different ways. She has sensory issue so I was concerned it wouldn't be comfortable and she'd reject it after trying it on. She said it didn't hurt her scalp at all and wasn't itchy, which was another win. And, yes, it's real human hair, so it's washable. I would absolutely considering buying from this company again.
It worked really well for my 5 year old! I will say I recommend applying in sections. It looks alarming at first, like colored waxy gel that’s gonna make the hair look horrible. While it definitely leaves a texture, brushing it after the wax dried it looked pretty good! ⚠️ Warning though: if you have texture sensory issues this might set it off. I couldn’t wait to wash my hands after applying it.
Best Bangs ever
These are great match my hair perfect
I highly recommend these bangs they were amazing and they feel good, very light weight. I was afraid of them not looking natural or too thick but they aren’t. I would recommend the company adding more strands of hair in the front of the bangs but I’m still happy with the product.
Just overall amazing.
Me gustó!
This is the 3rd one I have bought hair bangs brown
Looks very good for the price! Not mad at it at all
El cabello es suave y práctico de poner. Lo recomiendo!
many people didn't even realize these were clip in bangs. Great material and great way to change up your hair without actually having to cut your hair.
This is a great and cheap way to try out a different hair style to see if it suits you before getting your hair cut. For the money it’s okay; the quality is equal to the price. It is thin and I agree with the customer who says the bangs look like a barcode.
Good for people with thicker hair. Clip takes a bit of practice...but the color and thickness did not blend at all with my hair.
if you have a big head this won’t fit you to sell it doesn’t cover your full forehead by itself you have to use your own hair to camouflage it
No dura mucho tiempo
Quality and style we're okay. The medium brown was way too dark. If you do not fluff your own hair over the top area where it attaches to your real hair, you see a very fake Bang line
I love playing with hair! Don't have to commit to hair bangs with these.