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Blonde Hair Tape Extensions

Blonde Hair Tape Extensions

  • Tuesday, 09 May 2023
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Blonde Hair Tape Extensions

Blonde hair tape extensions are the perfect option for those looking to add length and volume without damaging their own natural hair. These extensions are semi-permanent and last for a few weeks before needing to be removed and reapplied. Blonde hair tape extensions come in a variety of colors and textures so that you can find the perfect match for your unique style.

Blond hair extensions are a great way to add a platinum blonde highlight effect to your look without having to color your own hair. They are also a great solution for someone who wants to create a new blonde look that they can't achieve with their current hair dye. Hair extensions are available in a wide range of styles, lengths and thicknesses so that you can find the perfect match for any look.

Tape in extensions are lightweight, lay flat against the head and blend easily with your natural hair. They are very easy to maintain and last for a long time (up to 3 months). They can be used to add a full head of hair, or just a few pieces to add more volume or length.

A qualified stylist will be able to advise you on the correct length for your tape in extensions, but generally speaking it is a good idea to get them slightly longer than your actual hair length as this will give more versatility.

The process of installing hair extensions is incredibly quick, pain-free and easy. The top of the extension is pre-coated with a medical grade adhesive tape that your stylist will apply to the root of your hair. This adhesive is literally the same thing that they use in hospitals to close wounds - it's seriously strong stuff! Once applied these tapes will not budge, the only way they can come off is if you rip out your own hair that they are attached to.

Once the tapes are applied you can wash and condition your hair as normal, but it is important that you do not apply conditioner directly to the tapes - this will cause them to slip off. You should also avoid using any products containing alcohol, oil or sulphate as these will dry out your extensions and weaken the adhesive. Instead, use a conditioning mask a few times a week or a leave in treatment to keep your extensions healthy and soft.

You can also use a heat protection spray before styling your hair with any heated tools. You should also only wash your extensions a few times a week and never wash them more than once a day. Sticking to this routine will help your hair extensions stay healthy and vibrant for as long as possible.

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