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Hair Extensions Tape in Extensions

Hair Extensions Tape in Extensions

  • Monday, 05 June 2023
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Hair Extensions Tape in Extensions

Hair extensions aren’t just for celebs on the red carpet extensions human hair tape in The super popular style is becoming more affordable and accessible for everyday folks—especially in the form of tape in extensions. These small flat adhesives with strands of human hair attached at the root are one of the easiest ways to add length or volume. And while some people may think they’re messy and damaging, hair stylist Kaleah Slay is here to assure us that if done correctly, they are the most natural-looking and longest-lasting hair extension option there is.

Slay explains that these little pieces of beauty are applied using a sandwich method, where two wefts with your hair in between get stuck together to make it look like your hair is growing naturally from the roots (it’s actually quite simple).hair extensions human hair tape in She recommends getting them professionally applied since it’s hard to do yourself on the back of your head (though you can try). She also warns that the extensions could cause matting or breakage if not taken care of properly—and that’s why they need routine salon maintenance every four to eight weeks.

Depending on the type you buy, Slay says these little tapes can be made with either real human hair or synthetic extensions human hair tape in But for the most realistic and long-lasting results, she suggests going with the premium Remy option that’s collected from a single donor so the cuticles all face in the same direction. That means the hair is softer, more luxurious, and easier to maintain than other types of synthetic or non-Remy human hair.

Another factor to consider is the color of your tape-ins. For a seamless look, she recommends choosing a tone that matches your natural color—though Slay notes that it’s not impossible to bleach them if you want a bolder shade. She says the best brand of tape-ins she’s ever seen is Bellami because they offer a wide variety of colors and are made with high-quality Remy hair.

Slay also loves Glam Seamless Priscilla Valles Collection tape-ins, which come in straight and body wave options, as well as in ombre shades to help you blend them with your natural color. They are light on your head and gentle on your scalp, plus they’re reusable for up to a year if you take good care of them.

You can even use them to create faux highlights. “You can do a little lighter tape on the top to give the illusion of natural blonde streaks, but the most important thing is to treat them like your own hair,” Slay said. “You need to wash them every couple days, keep them away from heat tools, and use a moisturizing conditioner on them.”

Slay admits that although she loves her hair extensions, she’s always looking for the next big trend. “I’m obsessed with braids, so I have a lot of fun creating different looks,” she said. “I’m also loving a very deep v right now.” So, we’re guessing that means we can expect to see Slay rocking even more amazing looks with her tape-ins in the future!

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