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Buy Tape Hair Extensions Online

Buy Tape Hair Extensions Online

  • Saturday, 29 July 2023
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Buy Tape Hair Extensions Online

If you’re looking to instantly add length and volume to your locks, a tape hair extension is a great option.tape hair extensions online These semi-permanent extensions are easy to apply and don’t damage your natural strands, as long as they’re applied properly by a trained stylist and maintained regularly.

The best thing about this type of extension is how versatile they are.tape hair extensions online They can be styled into all sorts of updos, from cascading mermaid waves to a sleek ponytail. Plus, they’re available in a wide range of colors and lengths, so you can find the perfect match to your hair goals. And because they’re so lightweight, you won’t even notice them once you have them in!

Tape extensions work by sandwiching small sections of your natural hair between two inch-long super sticky strips. These strips have a protective cover that you peel back, revealing a medical-grade adhesive. A trained stylist then places the adhesive-side of the tape directly onto your natural strands. This creates a seamless, natural-looking connection between your hair and the extension. It also ensures that the weight of the extensions is evenly distributed so they don’t put too much strain on your natural strands.

Because the process is quick and easy, you can get a head of extensions done in an hour or so—no more than it takes to do highlights! They’re also a good option for clients with damaged hair, as they don’t require any heat or chemicals to apply. Plus, they’re completely reusable and can be reused over and over again without damaging your natural hair.

If you’re ready to give tape extensions a try, check out this list of our favorites from Amazon. You’ll find everything from single hair pieces that are ideal for a DIY moment to a full set of extensions you can use to achieve any look. And since many of these extensions come in fashionable colors like powder blue, you can always find the right match to your unique style.

The SUYYA tape-in hair extensions are our top pick because they’re made from premium Remy human hair and can be used to create any style. There are wavy and straight options, as well as extra-long lengths of up to 34 inches. They’re even available in fashion colors, like pink, so you can find the perfect match to complement your existing strands!

Another great option for tape extensions is the Aison hair extensions. They’re made from high-quality 100% Remy human hair and have a variety of color options, including blondes, brunettes, and ombre shades. Plus, they’re available in varying lengths and can be worn for up to a year.

If you’re a hair specialist interested in learning more about this popular extension method, check out our online course on Tape Hair Extensions. It’s specially designed for beginner and experienced hair specialists who want to add this service to their menu of offerings. Once you complete the course, you’ll have all the tools and techniques you need to successfully install and maintain tape hair extensions for your clients.

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