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Maintaining Tape in Hair Extensions

Maintaining Tape in Hair Extensions

  • Saturday, 19 August 2023
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Maintaining Tape in Hair Extensions

When it comes to semi-permanent hair extensions, tape in hair extensions are the best choice for women who want full, long, voluminous, lustrous locks.tape in hair extensions natural hair They're lightweight and comfortable to wear, and they don't put any strain on your natural hair or scalp. Plus, they're reusable! With proper care, your tape-ins can last six to nine weeks or even longer. But how do you keep them looking great and in good condition?

When applying your tape in extensions, it's important to start with clean and dry hair.tape in hair extensions natural hair Your stylist will wash your hair to remove any oils or products that may prevent the adhesive from bonding properly. Then, they will section your hair starting at the nape of your neck. Small sections of your hair will be sandwiched between two tape-in extension wefts, with the adhesive strips pressed together to secure them in place. Your stylist will continue this process until you have the length and style you desire.

It's important to avoid washing your hair for 48 hours after getting your tape-in extensions to allow the adhesive to fully bond.tape in hair extensions natural hair After that, you can wash your hair 1-2 times per week using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. You should also avoid applying any hair products to the wefts, as this can damage them and cause them to slip out of place. Always brush your hair gently with a wide-toothed comb or hair extensions brush, and always be sure to start at the ends of your hair and work your way up.

You should also use a heat protectant spray before applying any heated styling tools to your hair. Using heat on your hair will dry it out, and this can cause the tape in wefts to become loose or even fall out. Finally, you should sleep with your hair in a ponytail or braid to reduce the risk of it tangling while you sleep.

Maintaining your tape in extensions is easy when you follow these simple tips. Be sure to only use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioning products, and never apply any hair masks or heavy products to the wefts, as they can damage them and cause them to slip out. You should also avoid sleeping with your hair wet, as this can lead to tangling and matting.

Bombay Hair offers a full range of colors and shades for their tape in hair extensions, so you're sure to find one that matches perfectly with your natural hair color. If you're not sure which shade to choose, consult with your stylist or the Bombay Hair team for a personalized recommendation.

Can you reuse tape in hair extensions?

The best thing about tape in extensions is that you can reuse them up to three times. If you're able to recondition them and reinsert them, you can get up to a year's worth of wear out of them! But you must be careful when removing them, as the adhesive is very strong and can damage your natural hair.

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