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Tape in Human Hair Extensions

Tape in Human Hair Extensions

  • Tuesday, 18 July 2023
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Tape in Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are additional portions of hair that are attached to a person’s own head in various ways to create length and volume.tape in human hair extensions near me They can be made from either natural human hair or synthetic fiber and come in a wide range of colors, textures and lengths. While some forms of hair extensions such as clip-ins can be used at home, other types of extensions including sew-in wefts (or “weaves”), metal or plastic crimps and hot fusion require a professional hairstylist to apply them.

Tape in human hair extensions are the latest in this trend, offering a safe and simple option for those looking to add length and/or volume.tape in human hair extensions near me Unlike traditional weft extensions that have a visible seam at the join where the natural and extension hair meet, these new tape in human hair extensions are virtually undetectable and offer a much more seamless appearance. Tape ins also last a lot longer than traditional weft extensions, up to a year for each individual piece of hair.

Like other types of hair extensions, tape ins are easy to maintain and care for.tape in human hair extensions near me They can be washed, brushed, dried and styled just as you would your own natural hair. However, it’s important to avoid any products that contain alcohol or oils near the bonds to prevent them from loosening or separating. It is also recommended that you wash and style your hair every day to prevent the extensions from tangling or matting.

A big advantage of tape ins over other types of extensions is that they tend to be less damaging when applied correctly.tape in human hair extensions near me This is because tape ins do not tug at the roots of your natural hair, which can cause damage and breakage.

In addition, they are very quick and easy to remove. To remove tape ins, the stylist simply soaks the bond tape in a special formulated solution that causes it to slide right off. This is far quicker than removing sew-in extensions and allows them to be reapplied sooner than other types of hair extensions.

Great Lengths offers several options of tape in extensions that are made from high quality 100 percent Remy human hair. These include hand-tied wefts that can be colored and blended with your own hair, as well as hand-tied tape strips that are smaller and easier to blend in.

These particular tape ins have a unique polyurethane adhesive that was developed and tested over three years to deliver secure applications and easy removal. The adhesive is specially formulated to work with the molecular structure of Great Lengths hair, creating a natural-looking blend that’s virtually undetectable.

When properly applied and maintained, tape in human hair extensions are safe for use by people with all types of hair. However, it’s best to have them professionally installed by a certified Great Lengths stylist who is trained in their specific method of application and can provide the most consistent results possible. It is also important to have them removed and reapplied every eight to ten weeks to keep them in the best condition possible.

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