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The Pros and Cons of Professional Tape Hair Extensions

The Pros and Cons of Professional Tape Hair Extensions

  • Wednesday, 05 July 2023
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The Pros and Cons of Professional Tape Hair Extensions

Professional hair extensions have long been a popular beauty technique for those looking to add length or volume.professional tape hair extensions While once reserved for celebrities on the red carpet, this type of extension can now be found at most hair salons in a variety of colors and lengths. One of the most versatile and popular styles available today is tape hair extensions. Tape in hair extensions are semi-permanent and come in many different textures, colors and lengths. These hair extensions are also easy to maintain with regular salon visits and proper care.

According to Gina Rivera, a professional stylist at Phenix Salon Suites in Los Angeles, this type of extension should be installed by a licensed professional.professional tape hair extensions The stylist will start by shampooing and conditioning your hair to prepare it for the tapes. They will then place the wefts of tape-in hair extensions in a bricklayer pattern around your head. "The first layer is placed down with the tapes facing your scalp, and then the second layer is positioned next to it," Rivera says. "The two layers are then bonded together using special pliers designed for tape-ins."

Once your hairdresser is finished applying the wefts of tapes, they will trim off any stray or loose pieces.professional tape hair extensions They will then style your hair to blend the tapes in with your natural strands. "This is a low-maintenance hair extension method that is great for women who want to add length or volume, but don't want the commitment of a full wig," Rivera says.

Unlike other types of extensions, tape-in hair extensions do not damage your natural hair when applied properly by a licensed professional. However, they can cause hair breakage if not removed and replaced correctly. The best way to avoid this is by following your stylist's maintenance instructions and going for routine salon visits.

Another pro of this type of extension is that it can be easily styled in a variety of ways, from a sleek ponytail to beachy waves. However, this can also be a con as the extensions are often visible when worn in certain styles. Unlike sew-in or glue-in extensions, tape-ins do not require braiding, sewing or gluing and can be installed in a matter of minutes, making it a quick and convenient option for those who need an immediate change.

Tape in hair extensions are available in a variety of lengths, from 14 inches to 24 inches. They are also available in a wide range of hair textures, from pin straight to tightly curled. This makes them a good choice for those who have trouble finding the right color in other types of extensions or for those who prefer to try out a bold shade for a one-time event.

The best candidate for a tape-in service should have enough hair to cover or disguise the tape, which means it should be at least bob length. This is important because it will help to avoid any stray extensions hanging out from under your scalp. In addition, those who experience extreme shedding or scalp issues like seborrheic dermatitis should not go for this type of extension installation.

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