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The Well-Kept Secret of Every Goddess

The Well-Kept Secret of Every Goddess

  • Tuesday, 20 June 2023
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The Well-Kept Secret of Every Goddess

The well-kept secret of every goddess, tape in hair extensions are a versatile style option for any tape in hair extensions They add volume and length, create a fuller head of hair, and give you the ability to try out different hair color trends without damaging your natural locks. In the hands of a skilled stylist, these extensions are less risky and easier to maintain than other extension methods such as glue in, clip ins, and sew ins.

While many people fear that they’ll damage their hair with these extensions, the truth is that “most of the horror stories you hear about them have to do with improper installation and care,” says tape in hair extensions If you work with a professional who is experienced in the application of tape-in extensions and choose a high-quality, human hair product that matches your current color, they’re extremely low-maintenance.

Slay’s top picks for these extensions are Bellami and Glam Seamless Priscilla Valles Collection, both of which sell straight and body wave human hair that can be colored before or after tape in hair extensions She notes that they also offer a large variety of length options, including six choices in the 14-inch range. They also come in wavy varieties for those who want to experiment with texture, which makes them perfect for creating beachy, boho looks and more.

If you want to keep your look natural, Slay recommends that you brush your extensions several times a day with a detangling brush, which will help smooth out any style kinks and avoid pulling on the tape bonds. She also suggests using a heat protectant before styling your hair and avoiding any products with a lot of oil or alcohol, which can make the tapes feel sticky and may cause them to slip out.

One of the most popular colors to use on tape ins are faux ombre, balayage, and sombre, which is a way to add color to your hair without dyeing it. This is a great way to test out a seasonal shade or even a bright, bold hue for a special occasion.

Another option is to add a little more dimension to your look by coloring the ends of your tape ins with bleach before applying them. This will create a soft ombre effect that’s subtle enough to wear as your daily look.

Tape in extensions are also a great solution for adding a little extra color to fine or thinning hair, which can be difficult to cover with conventional color techniques. The process is much less traumatic for your hair than all-over color, and the extensions can be removed at home and reused. They’re easy to apply, so you can change them up as often as your mood.

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