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We have good wigs, but we also need to protect our hair

We have good wigs, but we also need to protect our hair

  • Friday, 26 July 2019
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Do you think your face looks old? To be honest, at this moment your scalp is aging six times faster than the aging of your face...

Scalp Science Popularization

We have good wigs, but we also need to protect our hair.

I'm afraid you haven't really understood the area above your head that you don't see or worry about.

The scalp is actually the second thinner part of the human skin after the eye. The metabolic cycle of scalp cells is only 14-21 days, which means that more energy and nutrients are needed to maintain the scalp at all times. The sebum secretion capacity of scalp with the same area is twice as much as that of facial skin. The scalp is more sensitive than the skin of the face. With the growth of age, the relaxation of scalp will also lead to the relaxation of facial skin, increase the depth of wrinkles in forehead, corners of eyes and other parts.

Head balance

In many places of life, we should pay attention to the word "balance", and the top of the head is no exception. For hair, it is not healthy to wash more. To maintain balance, we need get the following three points.We have good wigs, but we also need to protect our hair.

1. Oil Balance

Sebum is secreted by sebaceous glands, enters hair follicles through catheters, and then drains through pores to the skin surface. It is an oily semi-fluid mixture containing a variety of lipids, which can moisturize skin and hair. Sebum can also form lipid membranes with sweat to protect skin from evaporation of moisture. Weak acidity can inhibit and kill bacteria on the skin surface, but the amount of secretion is easily affected by a variety of external factors.

2. Colony balance

After drying, sebum will naturally fall off from the scalp and form tiny debris which is difficult to observe. If the scalp is large enough to be visible to the naked eye, it already belongs to the category of dermatosis. In medicine, it is called pityriasis scalp. It is because Malassezia multiplies in the scalp, breaks the original balance, causes excessive proliferation of the cuticle of the scalp, and leads to corneal hyperplasia. The cytoplasmic cells exfoliated abnormally with gray or white scales.

3. Metabolic balance

The scalp and the facial skin are quite different in structure, but the way they operate and function is similar. The epidermis will constantly replace the outermost old cells with new cells, and keep close contact with the outside world by the most dynamic appearance. This process is highly precise, and the environment is so complex, temperature, humidity, pollution, ultraviolet attack will bring uncontrollable changes, slightly inadvertent will be out of the normal state.

The Best Scheme for Shampooing

British researchers took more than 500 volunteers for a six month trial, including how to wet their hair, rub and rinse. Finally, a plan was reached: shampoo temperature was 36.7 degrees Celsius, shampoo 2-6 milliliters, shampoo foam should stay at least 28 seconds above the hair, knead more than 20 times, and clean water. Wash your hair for at least 22 seconds, twice in total, to ensure that there is no residual shampoo from the hair root to the hair tip. Finally, gently wipe the excess moisture on your hair with a dry towel, then air-dry naturally, and don't use a hairdryer. This scheme is called the perfect shampoo formula. We have good wigs, but we also need to protect our hair.

We have good wigs, but we also need to protect our hair.

Scalp Nursing

Nursing steps:

1. In the last step of shampooing, the scalp soothing hair film is applied on the scalp. The hair film can produce a protective film for the scalp, and activate the sensitive scalp effectively to achieve the effect of anti-itching and relief.

2. After shampooing, apply Scalp Massage Ointment on the scalp, let the hand insert into the depth of the scalp, massage from front to back, and then press the scalp gently several times. Then the hair is gently stretched upward and relaxed to relieve the scalp.

3. Put massage comb on scalp to move up and down, left and right. Extrude the massage comb vigorously and tap the head gently with the massage comb at the top of the head to promote the scalp maintenance effect.

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