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How To Add Tape In Hair Extensions

How To Add Tape In Hair Extensions

  • Thursday, 07 October 2021
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How To Add Tape In Hair Extensions

Most of the professional methods can attest to the fact that Tape In Hair Extensions have been on the radar for quite some time now and are only growing rapidly from all the rave reviews for being easy to apply, long lasting and hassle free.tape in hair In recent years they've taken the market by storm and have gradually risen to the top, seemingly to take the #1 position for the most widely applied permanent hair extensions field. But with the arrival of numerous brands and different techniques, there's no doubt that there are more advantages and less disadvantages for applying these extensions than you may be aware of. So before you go ahead an get yourself some new tresses, read on to find out exactly what you need to know!

There are two main types of tape in hair extensions - the mechanical and the manual type.tape in hair tape in hair The mechanical tapes generally come as an adhesive tape, fixed to hair clippings or cotton. They are easily removed by simply unscrewing the pin on the back of the extension. Manual extensions are obviously much messier to use but give the best results, especially when applied at the roots of the hair, since hair extensions glued to full head are held in place by the roots of your head and can't easily be pulled off. The manual extensions are also a lot cheaper.

For full head extensions, it's best to either get extensions that come with tape-ins or tape-in extensions. It's essential that when applying the tape-in extensions, they are completely taped in place and don't end up pulling or sliding down your scalp. It is advisable that you make sure you have taped all the way down the sides and back, as tape-in extensions don't do well if tape becomes dislodged along the scalp. You should make sure you've applied a good amount of tape glue to your extensions, as tape glue dries extremely quickly.

To begin applying tape-in extensions, you need to gather up all the natural hair that you want to use to cover your whole head. Take a section at the front of your head and clip it using hair ties or clips. Then take another section at the back and clip it using natural hair clippers or scissors. Once you have the two sections, it's time to attach the tape-ins to your natural hair!

After attaching the extensions to your head, make sure that you smooth out any gaps that may exist between them. Now you need to attach the backing which will help secure the tape. Using an open-end comb, gently run it along the hairline until it reaches the natural crease where the extensions will join. Now you simply need to gently tape the backing onto the natural hair - it's important not to glue it down (you'll have plenty of glue to clean up). If you do decide to glue the backing down, make sure that it's large enough that you can slide fingers through without having the tape sliding around.

Once you are finished, it's easy to remove the tape-in hair extensions. You can take each strip and wrap it individually in clear tape. You then need to gently tug each strip out and discard it. Before removing the adhesive, spray some nail polish on the extension. This will help the glue adhere better to your extensions.

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