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How To Prolong The Life Of Tape In Hair Extensions

How To Prolong The Life Of Tape In Hair Extensions

  • Monday, 14 August 2023
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How To Prolong The Life Of Tape In Hair Extensions

Full head tape in hair extensions are a fantastic option for those who want to add length, volume or colour without committing to a permanent change.tape in hair extensions full head If they are applied correctly by a trained professional they can look incredible and are a great non-permanent treatment. However, if not taken care of properly they can cause damage to the natural hair. It is important to follow the maintenance and care advice given by your salon and attend regular in-salon appointments to ensure your tape in hair extensions last as long as possible.

When washing your tape in extensions, it is essential to only use sulphate & paraben free shampoo and conditioner.tape in hair extensions full head This is because many hair products contain sulfates which can dry out your extensions making them brittle and prone to slippage. Also, make sure to only apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair (not near the adhesive tabs) and never rub it into your scalp in a circular motion as this could tangle the hair.

It is also vital to brush your hair regularly, especially before bed as this will prevent matting and tangling of your natural hair with the tape ins. It is important to support the roots of your hair while brushing and avoid pulling on the hair extensions as this can cause them to loosen or fall out. Also, it is important to avoid using hot water on your hair as this may soften the adhesive and lead to shedding or loss of the extensions. Instead, it is best to wash your hair with lukewarm water to avoid damaging the bonds.

Another way to prolong the life of your tape ins is to have them lifted every six to eight weeks. This process involves the stylist removing them, moving them up closer to your root and re-taping them in a different spot. This will help to blend them in better, prevent them from becoming tangled or falling out and will keep your hair looking healthy and full.

A full head of tape in hair extensions can take up to 45 minutes to apply, making them a fast and affordable option for those wanting to add length or thickness to their hair. During the application process, your hair will be mapped out and styled to ensure that there are no gaps or patchy areas.

Once your hair is fully blended and you are happy with the finished result, it is a good idea to get your tape ins maintained on a regular basis. This is because your natural hair will shed around 50 and 100 strands per day, and if these are left untreated they can pull on your tape ins and cause them to loosen.

Your salon will be able to advise you on how often you should book your maintenance appointments, but generally, it is recommended to have them done once a month. This will help to ensure that your hair is kept in a healthy condition and will also give you the chance to try out new looks before making a permanent commitment.

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