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Tape in Hair Extensions Highlights You Should Know

Tape in Hair Extensions Highlights You Should Know

  • Tuesday, 15 August 2023
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Tape in Hair Extensions Highlights You Should Know

With the right knowledge and the right stylist, hair extensions are a stunning way to add length, volume or color to your hair.tape in hair extensions highlights But the truth is that, no matter what type of extension you choose, it’s important to have them properly installed and maintained so they can last as long as possible.

Tape in hair extensions are one of the most popular methods for achieving a longer, fuller head of gorgeous hair. And, if you’re willing to put in the effort, they can last for months or even a year. But, before you run out to get your hands on a pair of these super pretty and super versatile extensions, here are some tape in hair extensions highlights you should know.

While some people have horror stories about their tape in hair extensions, most of these issues are related to the quality of the extensions and how they were put in. If you go to a reputable and experienced stylist, you should not have any problems with your tape in hair extensions.

Unlike other extension methods, tape in extensions are a semi-permanent solution that don’t damage your natural hair at all. During the application process, the stylist will sandwich 10-15 individual hairs between two hair extension tracks that have been adhered together with special double-sided tape. This method of application allows the hair to be placed much closer to the scalp than traditional weft glue, which helps to add volume and length to your hair while minimizing breakage and strain.

If you want your hair to look as close to natural as possible, you’ll need to maintain it daily. This means regularly brushing your hair and making sure no tangles or knots form. It also means washing your hair with sulfate-free products, which are less likely to cause damage to the adhesive. You’ll also need to wait 48 hours before washing your hair again after getting your tape-ins, as this will allow the adhesive to fully bond.

In addition to daily maintenance, it’s also important to visit your hair stylist for regular touch ups, about every 6-8 weeks. This is because your hair grows, and if you don’t have it repositioned periodically, you’ll start to see the seams of your tape ins begin to show.

During your appointment, your hair stylist will use the special Connector Tool to help seal the tabs of your tape in extensions. This will ensure that your extensions are fully bonded and able to stand up to the test of time. You should also try to avoid pressing the tabs of your extensions with your fingers, as this will cause them to become loose and fall out sooner than they should. If you do accidentally press your tape in hair extensions, don’t worry, the glue is temporary and can be easily re-pressed with the tool.

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