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How to Style Bang Clip in Extensions

How to Style Bang Clip in Extensions

  • Monday, 25 September 2023
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How to Style Bang Clip in Extensions

A lot of people are getting caught up on the fringe trend, but cutting off their actual hair isn't always an option (and is probably a bad idea).bang clip in extensions To give yourself a temporary fix before taking the big chop, bang clip in extensions are your new best friend. They're easy to apply, look super natural, and can be removed whenever you want a change. If you're looking to try the new 'do, we spoke with experts to get their top tips on how to style clip-in bangs so they blend seamlessly into your strands.

When shopping for a set of clip-in bangs, be sure to test the color first in-person (if possible). If you can't do that, try taking a small piece of the hair and holding it side-by-side with your own in different lighting. The goal is to find a shade that matches your hair both in depth and tone—whether it's warm, cool, ashy, or neutral.

You also want to consider the texture of your hair when buying your clip-ins, as you want them to match as closely as possible. "If you have very curly hair, make sure to choose a set of hair that has similar curls so it looks more natural," says Gahan.

Once you've found the perfect set of bang clip in extensions, apply them by placing them in your hair and fastening them. It's important to do this correctly, as you don't want your bangs to be too full or heavy. You'll also want to make sure the clips are secured properly so they don't come undone easily. If you have any trouble, ask a stylist for help.

If you have a few kinks to work out, try pushing your bangs forward or pulling them back. You can also play around with the length to figure out which one is the most flattering for your face shape. Finally, try wearing a high bun with your bangs to see how they'll look with the rest of your hair.

Another great way to try the fringe trend without committing to a permanent cut is to invest in some keratin extensions. These strand-by-strand extensions are attached to the roots of your hair, which makes them blend in with your natural locks much more than a regular clip-in extension would. Plus, you can reuse them for multiple applications.

If you're looking for a more dramatic effect, balayage highlights can create the illusion of thicker, longer, and darker hair. They're applied to your scalp — like regular highlights — and can be used to highlight different parts of your head, like your forehead or crown. They're a little more expensive than other hair color services, but they last up to six weeks and are more long-lasting than a traditional dye.

The most common mistake when applying balayage highlights is coloring your entire head instead of highlighting just the strands that need it. This can cause your strands to look brassy and dry. To avoid this, opt for a color that is lighter than your own hair or a dark blonde.

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