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How to Choose the Best Bang Clip Extensions

How to Choose the Best Bang Clip Extensions

  • Saturday, 23 September 2023
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How to Choose the Best Bang Clip Extensions

Hair extensions are an easy solution to hide bad haircuts — or just keep your bangs growing out in style while you wait. But not all clip-ins are created equal. To avoid getting a choppy, unnatural-looking result that looks fake or cheap, choose the best bang clip extension you can afford based on the texture and color of your natural hair and how thick you want your fringe to look.

A good set of bang clip extensions will include longer face framing pieces on either side that can be cut by your stylist to blend into your natural hairline. The length is up to you, but we recommend keeping them a few inches shorter than your actual bangs to ensure they look as seamless and realistic as possible. The best bang clip extensions are also made with high-quality, reusable human hair that isn’t stiff or scratchy. This will help them stay soft, flexible and pliable while you wear them and give them a fuller look.

The key to finding the best bang clip extension for your hair is finding a shade that closely matches your natural color in both depth and tone. If you’re not sure if a particular set is a match, ask your stylist to color match it before you buy or try it on. If you’re going to buy a set online, consider the photos carefully to make sure it will match your hair in real life.

Once you find a pair of bang clip extensions that match your natural hair, it’s time to put them on. Before you do, though, we recommend giving them a bit of fluffing and brushing them to make them more voluminous. This will also make them easier to style, and it will give you a better idea of how they’ll look with your hair before you commit to the full bangs look.

You can style your new bangs with any ’do you like, but we think they go especially well with sleek, straight looks. You could even curl them for a more voluminous style. Just be careful not to add too much heat or you’ll risk melting your synthetic hair. The only downside to this type of hairstyle is that it might feel a little too heavy on your forehead, so you may need to adjust the placement of your bang clip extensions to get the right look.

Bangs are having a major moment. They’re seen everywhere on the faces of celebrities and are even a must for many hair trendsetters. But not everyone has the courage to chop their own hair in order to try them. For those with commitment issues (or simply too short bangs), hair extensions are an excellent solution to hide their fringe and get the trendy look you’ve always wanted. With a simple hack, you can instantly turn your chin-skimming locks into bangs that will flatter your face and enhance your beauty. This article was written by Caitlyn Martyn, a staff commerce writer at Byrdie.

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