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The Road Less Taken By Shady Hair Extensions

The Road Less Taken By Shady Hair Extensions

  • Wednesday, 20 September 2023
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The Road Less Taken By Shady Hair Extensions

From the clip-in ponytails littering high street accessory stores to the 'premium' extensions peddled by the latest Love Island contestant, fake hair is more readily available than ever.authentic hair extensions As a result, women's desire to achieve luscious locks via wigs and extensions has only grown. However, what most people don't realise is the extent of the shady hair extension industry. From the actual hair used to the shady brokers and factories that make them, the journey that your swanky new tresses take is more than a little questionable.

Human hair is generally sourced from one of two places: India or China.authentic hair extensions Religious devotees who visit temples for ritual head shaving, known as 'tonsuring', donate their hair which is then sold at auction. Many companies, including Great Lengths and Woven Hair, use this hair, claiming it's ethically sourced. Jonker notes that in reality, it's the opposite. "China imports the fallen, or non-Remy, hair from India and sells it to hair extensions manufacturers for a fraction of the price," she says. "The only difference between these strands and your own hair is they've been through the hands of a few strangers first."

The other main source of human hair is from the hair brokers that buy and resell it.authentic hair extensions The vast majority of hair bought by salons and used in hair extensions comes from China, where the reselling business is big money. The problem is that most Chinese hair is a mix of human and synthetic strands that have been blended together and mislabeled. It's cheap to produce but doesn't blend well with your own strands, can cause damage and has a wiry feel to the touch.

When it comes to choosing the right type of extensions, experts say that while DIY options like clip-ins will always have a place in the market, if you want a natural look and feel, real human hair is the way to go.authentic hair extensions This will allow you to style your extensions with heat, and can also help your natural strands to last longer.

As for the shady business, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a company that lists their ethical credentials — but there are companies out there trying to do better. One example is Ruka Hair, a brand that sources its human hair from partners in southeast Asia, where women who sell their hair for a living are paid fairly. The company offers a range of products, from wefts and keratin tips to ponytails and clip-ins.

Other brands that are committed to sourcing their hair ethically include Remy NY, which works directly with Vietnamese women to pay them a fair wage and provide them with work opportunities while offering the cheapest virgin hair on the market. It's available in wefts, keratin tips and ponytails in lengths up to 24 inches and in black or brunette. It can be dyed too, so you can match it to your own hair if needed. It's available from £149 ($237), and you can also get a 10% discount by signing up to their email list.

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