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Modern Ancients Bracelet

Modern Ancients Bracelet

  • Tuesday, 19 September 2023
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Modern Ancients Bracelet

From the faience beaded bracelets of ancient Egypt to the bronze bangles of Celtic culture, the bracelet has long been considered a sign of status and beauty.ancients bracelet It has also been an item of personal adornment, gaining depth of meaning over time as it accompanied and protected the wearer.

Our Modern Ancients collection is a treasure trove of elegant jewelry, cast with recycled metal and meticulously hand-sculpted with a distinctive organic look.ancients bracelet Featuring strong gold chains, contemporary hoop earrings and primitive rings, our pieces are a nod to our ancient past and to the idea of the divine within all things.

The earliest known bracelet dates back 40,000 years.ancients bracelet Made of green chlorite, it was discovered in a cave in Siberia and is believed to have been worn by the Denisovans - an extinct species of humans that coexisted with Neanderthals. The bracelet shows a level of sophistication far beyond what the Denisovans were originally thought to be capable of.

A drilled hole near one of the cracks on the exterior surface of the bracelet suggests that it may have had other adornments to make it more beautiful.ancients bracelet Oxygen isotope analysis of the soil around the bracelet showed that it was buried at a much earlier date than previously thought. Dr Derevyanko said: 'The dated stratum was not impacted by human activity from a later period, so the object was definitely buried in that layer — it belonged to those people.

'We have scanned the fragments and found that the bracelet is silver with traces of copper, gold and other elements.ancients bracelet It was probably made by hammering cold-worked metal, with frequent annealing (heating the metal to a specific temperature).

In addition to their beauty, heirlooms hold an intrinsic value and are often passed down from generation to generation, providing a link to our history, our family and our roots.ancients bracelet This is why it's so important that they are carefully stored, reclaimed and cared for.

This bracelet is a unique and rare piece from the collection. It features a relic bracelet effect that increases all existing stats by an additional line for a total of two lines per stat. This bracelet also includes the Constant effect, which increases damage to monsters by 1%.

The bracelet is available now in the Museum Store, and will be shipped to you in a foil-stamped Collectors' Box with a personalized note from the artist and Certificate of Authenticity. All purchases from the Museum Store include free shipping and priority access to new releases. Visit our website for more information about this and other upcoming items from the Modern Ancients collection. All orders include a 10% donation to support the mission of the National Museum of Natural History. Donations of $50 or more also receive early access to our newest collections. Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping and handling. Thank you for your support! All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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