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What You Didn't Know About Human Hair

What You Didn't Know About Human Hair

  • Wednesday, 13 September 2023
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What You Didn't Know About Human Hair

Hair is a filament that grows from follicles in the skin, and it’s one of the most distinguishing features of humans as well as other mammals.about human hair Except for areas of glabrous skin such as palms, soles and mucosal regions of lips and external genitalia, most of the human body is covered by hair, which comes in two different types: thick terminal hairs and fine vellus hairs. Hair has important functional roles depending on its location on the body.

For example, the long whiskers of some mammals—including hedgehogs and porcupines—have evolved into sharp spines that help protect them from predators.about human hair In humans, eyelashes and eyebrows protect the eyes from dust, sweat, and dirt. Hair also plays a role in non-verbal communication and helps people convey emotions, such as sadness, anger or surprise.

The color and texture of hair is a significant part of what makes it unique and attractive, but did you know that the color of our hair actually serves an important function? In fact, it has been found that the protein melanin in hair is responsible for absorbing sunlight.about human hair That’s why people with light colored hair can get sunburned more easily than those with dark hair.

Another very important function of hair is that it acts as a thermal buffer, protecting the body from cold temperatures by trapping a layer of warm air above the epidermis.about human hair This is why we see goose bumps on the skin when it’s cold, and the hairs on our heads stand up, helping us keep our necks and ears warmer.

In addition to its thermal properties, hair also has an important sensory function as well.about human hair Hair follicles have special sensory receptors that can sense movement, whether it’s caused by a breeze or by the touch of a physical object. These receptors can send signals to the brain, which in turn can help us interpret what we’re feeling.

Interestingly enough, a hair strand is actually made up of three layers: the cuticle, cortex and medulla.about human hair The outer layer, called the cuticle, protects the underlying layers of the hair and is composed of a hardened form of a protein called keratin. The cortex is made up of tightly packed, keratin-filled cells.

Finally, the medulla is the center of the hair and contains blood vessels and nerves that supply the hair follicle with nutrients. The medulla also produces the proteins that give hair its color and strength.

There are two main types of human hair used in wigs and extensions- Remy and Yaki. Remy hair is considered to be the best quality as it’s sourced from a single donor, has all the strands going in the same direction with the cuticle intact. This results in a silky and natural look that can be colored, cut and styled with heat and can last up to 2 years with proper care. Yaki hair is sourced from multiple donors and has a more relaxed or wavy appearance. It can be curled and straightened, but is not as durable or versatile as Remy hair.

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